Educational Psychologists

Our Educational Psychologists have both worked across a wide range of mainstream and special schools in the North East. They have both been principal Educational Psychologists and come with a wealth of experience in working with children with the full range of special educational needs.

The Educational Psychologists are working closely with the Ascent Academies staff by spending time in each Academy. They are available to answer questions and to visit your school at short notice if there is a pressing need.

Our Educational Psychologists are able to…

• Assess a child’s needs to determine whether to proceed to panel

• Produce a written report to support the decision

• Prepare reports for the Statementing process

• Assess a child and provide support to the teacher with regard to next steps and overcoming barriers to learning

• Provide training and advice to staff and parents with regard to specific children

• Provide whole school training on areas of need

Full Day (9:00-5:00) £ 400
Half Day £ 250