Speech & Language Therapist

Our speech and language therapist are able to..

  • Assess pupils and write reports
  • Work with the teacher and teaching assistants to write targets and plans
  • Work with individual pupils or groups of pupils
  • Provide information and advice on a range of strategies such as:
    – Makaton
    – PECS
    – Visual timetables
    – Visual supports
    – Language rich environments
    – Colourful semantics

The purpose is to discuss your specific needs and describe the service available. This lasts up to 30 minutes.

An initial screening assessment lasts up to 1 hour and includes a short report.  This could include observing and assessing an individual student, a small group of students or looking at the language environment of a whole class


This normally includes completing a range of appropriate formal and informal assessments with the student and observation of the student within the classroom setting.  Detailed discussion with class staff and parents/carers.  Following this a detailed report will be produced and discussed with class staff and parents/carers. In certain circumstances (e.g. complex cases) additional assessment sessions may be required. Additional hours spent are charged at £60 per hour of the therapist’s time and will be discussed with the client in advance.

Standard Therapy Session       £50

A standard therapy session normally lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This is the time spent with the child/parents or teachers.  The fee also includes time spent outside the consultation in preparation of material, planning, and liaising with parents and professionals. Longer sessions will be charged, after the first hour, at £x per x-minute block of extra time spent.  This again will be discussed with parents/carers in advance.  Therapy sessions may include working with an individual child, working with a small group of children or working alongside the class teacher with a whole class. It is often difficult to estimate the exact number of sessions of therapy that will be necessary. It is our usual practice to offer a pre-agreed number of treatment sessions, with an opportunity to review management options with you at the end of that period. Parents/schools are free to withdraw a children from therapy at any time.  Equally, if I feel that therapy is at any time not being effective, then I will discuss this with you and may recommend that we stop. A block of 6 therapy sessions is offered at the reduced price of £250

Training       Half Day: £150          Whole Day £250 

Talks, workshops and training sessions for groups of parents and professionals can be arranged. Additional charges at the same rate will be made for time taken in preparation and the provision of handouts etc. We can offer training in a range of subjects, including autism awareness and practice, language difficulties in the classroom, speech sound difficulties and their link to literacy, creating a language rich environment, alternative and augmentative communication.  We are able to offer bespoke training for your setting, please contact us with your specific needs and we can discuss an appropriate package.

Travel Travel within a 10 mile radius of our base at Portland School is free.  Any additional travel is charged at a rate of 50p per mile.