Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest School is a concept that was developed in Scandinavia to develop emotional intelligence and resilience in pre-school children; however this concept has since been used for all ages of children to promote self-esteem, independence, communication skills and confidence. The philosophy of Forest School is to develop life skills through small achievable tasks in our own Forest School and local woodland.

Why use Forest School?

Forest School provides an outdoor learning environment that can facilitate different learning environments and styles for young people that links into the national primary and secondary curriculum.
Why come to us? After several years of facilitating Forest School for our own students we are now in a position to offer outstanding training to others, which will provide the tools for others to offer this provision to their own students.

Our trainer Dave Atkinson has 6 years’ experience of delivery and is a level 4 practitioner of Forest School.

We deliver friendly and personalised training to meet the specific needs of delegates. Following our training, delegates will leave with the life skills to work with their own students that can create an environment that fosters communication, values, team working and create a feeling of being part of their own community.

What we can offer?

We are able to offer level 1, 2 & 3 training courses through Archimedes Trading Limited, as well as bespoke packages and individual Forest School educational programmes for your students at our own Forest School and local woodland.