The Academies that are part of The Ascent Academies’ Trust do not have Local Governing Bodies, we are governed by Members and Trustees. 

To find out more about our structure and governance please click on the links below.


Dame Dela Smith Val Milnes

Colin Short

 Dame Dela Smith DBE DL

 Val Milnes

 Colin Short


For more information about our Trustees please click on their names below.

Nick Hurn Rohit Patel Carolyn B

Nick Hurn


Rohit Patel

(Vice Chair)

Carolyn Dunn


Kath Armstrong3 Susan Blair Nadine - 006

Kath Armstrong

(Parent Trustee)

Susan Blair

Nadine Hudspeth

Val Milnes Paul Wright Michelle Quinn Oct 17

 Val Milnes


 Paul Wright

Michelle Quinn

(Parent Trustee)

Lynn Watson Whorlton, Rachael

Lynn Watson

Rachael Whorlton