Policies & Guidance Documents

The Ascent Academies Trust’s Board regularly meet to discuss their policies and governance.  This page provides Statutory policies and further guidance.

Emergency Evacuation procedures

All individual premises have their own site specific emergency evacuation plans and procedures.  These are displayed in the academy buildings, reviewed and tested regularly and are communicated to staff and visitors.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

There are a number of separate procedures in place in each academy regarding business continuity to deal with range of potential scenarios, events or circumstances.  Disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements for business critical resources and systems are detailed in the relevant policies (i.e. Finance Policy and IT Policy).

Procedure for checking the identity of visitors

Visitors to the academies are required to sign in on the visitors register and are asked to produce photographic identification and the reason for their visit. If photo ID is not available other methods of confirming identity will be sought. Visitors without appropriate ID and clearances are not permitted on the premises unaccompanied.

Trust Wide Statutory Policies



Review Date

Accessibility Plan & Equality Objectives June 2018 March 2020
Admissions Policy March 2019 March 2020
Behaviour Management Policy December 2019 December 2020
Careers Education, Advice, Information & Guidance (CEAIG) December 2018 December 2019
Charging and Remissions Policy October 2019 October 2022
Complaints Policy October 2019 October 2022
Whistleblowing – CONFIDENTIAL REPORTING June 2020 June 2022
GDPR June 2020 June 2022
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy January 2019 January 2021
Equality and Diversity Policy October 2019 October 2022
Exclusions Policy June 2018 June 2020
External Visits June 2018 June 2020
First Aid February 2018 March 2020
Freedom of Information Policy March 2019 March 2022
Health and Safety Policy October 2019 October 2020
Public Sector Equality Duty June 2018 June 2022
Risk Management Policy and Procedure October 2019 October 2020
Risk Management Risk Register October 2019 October 2020
SEND Policy and Information Report June 2018 June 2020
Sex & Relationships Education Policy February 2018 February 2020
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions March 2019 March 2020

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Policies

For child protection policies and further guidance documents in relation to safeguarding please refer to our Academy Specific Policies and Further Guidance sections below.



Review Date

Complaints Policy October 2019 October 2022
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy January 2019 January 2021
First Aid February 2018 March 2020
Missing Pupil Policy September 2019 September 2020
Pupil Collection and Late Collection Policy February 2018 July 2020
Pupil Illness/ Infection Control February 2018 March 2020
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions February 2018 February 2019


Academy Specific Statutory Policies

A copy of the child protection policy for each academy can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Further Guidance

Further Guidance – Safeguarding
Safeguarding Supervision Policy 
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019
(KCSIE Guidance must be read in conjunction with Academy specific Child Protection Policies)
Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018
What to do if you think a child is being abused
Additional Information

Ascent Safeguarding Lead

Sharon Common

Further Guidance – General
GDPR DP statement